Collaborative Mission is Our Future

Even before he came to know Jesus, Rick Prosser had a passion for Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Coming to faith as a young man only amplified that passion.

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For many years now Rick has sought to bring the church together for the sake of the community. Reflecting on John 17 he says, "My utopian thought and dream is that our oneness will be our witness to our cities.” He goes on to say that while in the past the church's diversity has been a point of division, it needs to become a place of celebration.

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Rick works under the umbrella of KingdomWorks which he describes as a catalyst for unity and mission in the Hunter Region.

"Collaborative mission is our future," says Rick.

On engaging with civic authorities, Rick says the church has worked to be a predictable and safe place for civic authorities. They know what they are going to get.

Initiatives such as City Serve, Friday Chill and Soul Cafe have helped the community to see the church as a positive contributer to the community as the church seeks to work with the city and not just for it.

When asked about the challenges and road blocks encountered over years of working in the Hunter, Rick observes that "there is always a flow in the things of God. There is always something moving." Learning not to be discouraged but to latch onto where God is moving, however small, is the key to not becoming discouraged.


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