Movement - Team



  • Toowoomba

    Ian Shelton

    Ian is married with 5 children and lives in Toowoomba, QLD. He coordinates Movement Australia which works for the unity and transformation of towns and cities. For over 40 years Ian was the Senior Pastor of Toowoomba City Church, a local congregation committed to unity of the Church of the City.

  • Newcastle

    Rick Prosser

    Rick is a born and bred Novocastrian. He served as a C3 pastor for 15 years before stepping out in faith in 2010 to become a missionary to the city of Newcastle. In 2014 Rick was named Newcastle Citizen of the Year for his 20 plus years pioneering and leading community charity work.

  • Perth

    Nick Scott

    Nick is the Senior Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, a large, thriving church in the inner southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. One of Nick’s great passions is for unity across the full spectrum of the Body of Christ. He is actively involved in various networks across the city of Perth, which encourage prayer and unity between pastors and leaders, breaking down barriers between denominations.

  • Toowoomba

    Letitia Shelton

    Letitia Shelton is an ordained pastor and works with leaders from across her city to make an impact on the lives of women and girls across the city. She travels and speaks about city church unity and how it has tackled many social justice issues that women face on a daily basis.

  • Wollongong

    Hengki Widjaja

    Hengki Widjaja has lived in Illawarra, NSW, since coming to Australia to study at the University of Wollongong. He, his wife Lidia and two adult children serve in a local church, Citylife129. They both have a heart for church unity and what churches can do together for the betterment of their region. In addition to his day-to-day role in his software company, Hengki serves in several Christian initiatives locally and nationally: Illawarra Prayer Breakfast, Together for the Illawarra, Diamond Women, Australian Heart Ministries and Movement Australia.

  • Ryde

    Greig Whittaker

    Greig has a passion to see the church intimately connecting through vibrant relationships of local pastors and to see the unified church pastor the city together to see the city flourish in the Kingdom of God. He believes the church has the message of life and healing that our communities so desperately need and therefore has a critical role to play in the life of every city and town. Greig also has a passion to see new modes of church birthed that give greater access to faith pathways and Jesus community for people who have rejected, or are not open to explore, the Sunday Gathered church model.

  • Perth

    Steve Scrimgeour

    Steve has a passion for the Church to enjoy being the family of God and to boldly move together to bring the gospel of the kingdom into the different spheres of society. He has a vision for regions to form mature unity movements that bring transformation both locally and overseas. He loves to see the Church collaborate to pray, serve, and disciple children across Australia and Asia. He believes that together, in Christ, we are unstoppable.

  • Perth

    Amit Khaira

    Amit is based in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and 4 beautiful children. Over the past 2+ decades Amit has served in community focused ministry across 3 continents, worked in the education and business sectors, has directed not-for-profits, led business, and developed tertiary programs to engage young adults in faith and work. In the past four years Amit has pioneered new work across multiple sectors with the Compassion Australia team, advocating for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised across the globe. Amit is an ordained Church of Christ minister and now serves as an Urban Missionary through his local church with a focus on his community, the Asia Pacific region and the UTC +8 timezone. He loves to spend time with his family, exercise and read. Amit’s desire is “to help people recognise that the Kingdom of God is worth living and dying for.”