Engage - Hunter Region Leaders' Gathering

In October, 70 leaders from Hunter churches, Christian organisations, Christian Schools and businesses gathered for a long lunch.

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Attendees represented the 7 LGA’s of the Hunter Region.

The event was an opportunity for ministers and Christian leaders to connect over a meal and to engage in dialogue towards strategic, collaborative mission.

Facilitated by Rick Prosser from Kingdomworks, presenters included Roger Sutton from Gather Movement in the UK and Andrew Katay from City to City Australia.

Roger Sutton encouraged attenders to pursue social, cultural and spiritual change in their communities. Only the whole church in unity can present the whole gospel to the whole city. “Friendship will change the world,” Sutton said, advocating a relational unity among leaders. “If we are not love, what are we?”

Likewise Andrew Katay urged unity among local church leaders for the sake of the gospel. "No one church or denomination or para-church agency can be a movement of the Gospel… Different people will respond to different kinds of churches." He also argued that for the gospel to gain momentum in a community required one healthy church for every 1000 residents.

Also, the 2022 Hunter Church and Community Profile was released. This report by Kingdomworks combines Census data with observations from the NCLS Australian Community Survey, McCrindle reports and leading Christian commentators. The aim of the report is to give an accurate snapshot of each LGA in the Hunter so that Christians can better understand and serve their community.

You can watch Roger Sutton and Andrew Katay’s presentations here.


15 November 2023

The Beatitudes