Love Your City Podcast

Episode 25 - Interview with Craig Sider

29 April 2019

12 minutes, 32 seconds — 17200kb

Episode Notes

Craig Sider enjoys helping leaders and organizations live with purpose. As President of The New York City Leadership Center he motivates leaders to impact their cities for Christ. Craig’s lifelong desire has been to reach people for Christ. In 1985, he served as founding pastor of The Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario. He and his wife, Laura, worked to build a vibrant community committed to sharing Christ’s message. Beginning in 1996, Craig served as bishop in the Brethren in Christ Church U.S., a responsibility he held until early 2009. He also served as a Team Leader in Brethren in Christ / Canada, where he was responsible for church development. In 2013, Craig joined The New York City Leadership Center as President, where Craig focuses on identifying, developing and maximizing leadership skills in others. Following a degree in Business Administration/Economics from Brock University, Craig completed a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and a doctorate in leadership development from Denver Seminary.