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It goes without saying that Gospel Movement will not happen in any community without prayer. United, humble, concerted prayer will be the engigne that propels the Gospel into your town or city. Like the atmosphere that allows life to flourish, so prayer is the air of the gospel, facilitating Kingdom life.

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Christians are becoming increasingly aware of the role the church in the city. Culture is formed in cities, they are centres of education, literature, the arts, music, film, television, other media and so much more. Learn more about a metanarrative that embraces a kingdom based theology.


When Christians come together in humility and take responsibility God moves. Amazing stories are developing all around Australia


In the Love Your City Podcast presenters Sam Jackson and Letitia Shelton discuss the importance of gospel movements in towns and cities around the world.


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A look at Stable on the Strand, Townsville

27 January 2022

The week before Christmas I had the joy of spending three nights in Townsville attending Stable on the Strand which is a Christmas event staged by the combined churches and supported by the city council and dozens of businesses. It is a remarkable event now running for 20 years and visited by thousands each year.

Click here to view a video of interviews about Stable.


2021 in Review

9 December 2021

As December deepens, if you're like me, you might find yourself reflecting on the year that was. Recalling events both momentous and minuscule can help us trace God's thread in our lives and in his church.


The Voice of God

18 November 2021

Recently I've been thinking about the importance of hearing God's voice and specifically how God speaks to his church in each city.

Jeff Pishney CEO - Love Our Cities

28 October 2021

From humble beginnings in 2007 from Modesto, California, Love Our Cities has grown to include more than 90 cities across the United States and a staggering 215000 volunteers. Lead by the church, these volunteers are mobilised from all over the community, including businesses, community groups and even people from other faiths.

Creation Care - Regenerative Farming

20 October 2021

Environmental issues are a constant topic of debate in our nation. It's hard to go through a day without hearing or reading the phrase 'climate change'.