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A 'Tale of Two Cities'

In a way The Bible is a ‘tale of two cities’. One city is built to glorify God and to provide a place of flourishing for humanity while the other exists to exalt the prideful ways of humanity in rejection of God.

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"Bringing out the God-colours"

21 November 2022

Sometimes when I hear of riots and violence in a city I google to find the number of churches in that city. I am often amazed to discover that in many cities there are literally thousands of churches.


God is a City Builder

31 October 2022

God is a city builder. He built the one He lives in; the heavenly city.

This city was the vision that God gave to our father in the faith, Abraham.

“His (Abraham's) eyes of faith were set on the city with unshakable foundations, whose architect and builder is God himself.” (Hebrews 11:10. TPT)


Engage - Hunter Region Leaders' Gathering

25 October 2022

In October, 70 leaders from Hunter churches, Christian organisations, Christian Schools and businesses gathered for a long lunch.

A Long Lunch - Networking Networks

5 September 2022

On Wednesday 24th August, our leadership team (Gary Rucci, Sue Baynes, Phil Spence and myself) hosted A Long Lunch at Rivercity Family Church in The Gap, Brisbane. The goal was to hear as many leaders as possible from the 30 plus pastors’ and leaders’ networks that we have discovered in the 16 LGA’s (Local Government Areas) of South East QLD.


Interview with the Mayor of Bristol, UK, Marvin Rees

27 July 2022

Marvin Reese was elected as mayor in May 2016 and Bristol became the first major European city to elect a mayor of black African heritage. Marvin was born and brought up in Bristol by his mother. He has declared Bristol a city of hope, built on ambition, inclusion and social justice. During his first term in office he has overseen the building of over 8000 homes, announced the development of a mass transit system and provided a quality work experience for over 3500 children who wouldn't readily have access.