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The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes (Matt 5:1-16) can guide us in the struggle as we are formed into the likeness of Christ. Reconciled diversity is the strength of unity and that is a challenge in this individualistic world.

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Citizens Worthy of the Gospel

1 November 2023

Christians have a civic responsibility to their cities. In terms of reaching a city with the gospel this is of utmost importance. Not to be good citizens is to be unworthy of the gospel.


Thoughts on Romans

25 October 2023

Paul takes this Roman script, using the same words that Caesar applies to himself, applies them to Jesus and to this small, seemingly insignificant church. Paul was totally counter cultural and as others have said, counter imperial.


Paul and the Early Church

24 October 2023

Paul was focussed. He went to the key cities of the Empire to plant a church. As he worked with those churches they in turn reached out to the surrounding towns and villages. Paul was strategic.


The Missionary Church

10 October 2023

The book of Acts is the extraordinary story of the birth, development and mission of the first Church. This amazing story tells of the first converts becoming a powerful counter cultural community impacting the world of the day.



4 October 2023

The church is God’s “city council,” called, not to be OF the city, but FOR the city.